We had a lady come to the pharmacy counter and ask for a box of 12-hour DISINFECTANT. Immediately a You Tube video came to mind with the statement, “Could be a crackhead… who got hold of the wrong stuff.” – cindytech


We received a prescription for Pravastation 40 mg.  The directions for use were take whenever she remembers. I guess the patient was noncompliant and doctor gave up.- jeb3195

Cadillac Escalade

So as I’m walking out of the pharmacy to go to lunch I get behind a customer who I happen to know is on medicaid. I hop into my standard package Hyundai and they hop into their fully loaded Cadillac Escalade. Go Figure? – Sarah

Asthma Inhaler

A customer asked me to show them how to use an asthma inhaler … I explain how to inhale, hold their breath before exhaling, etc… Voice from behind them breaks it down to layman’s terms… “you know… Like smoking a bowl ” …. ummmm…. BangingRph

Say What?

I had a young man come to the counter today, not realizing he had he’s “ear buds” still stuck in his ears. Must have had that music playing loud because he yelled- “Where are your condoms?” He yanked out the buds but it was too late. – Barbara

New Sig Code

I have more of a tirade than a funny.  I had a prescription left on the doctor’s line.  The girl literally sounded like she was twelve.  She said,”Ultracet, Number 30, 1qrh.” I thought I was hearing things, but nope! She then says, “Again that is Ultracet, Number 30, 1qrh.”  Come on!  Who are they letting call in these scripts!  I immediately hung up and called the office and asked to speak with her.  A different person came to the phone and I asked if  the previous caller was a nurse.  She said, “No, I’m the nurse.”  I asked her to please train this child on sig codes before they allow her to call in prescriptions!  – lisa45

Sleep Aid

I had a customer walk up to the counter after looking at our selection of OTC sleep aids. When he walked up he said, “I’ve got a question for you, is there an over the counter sleep aid that won’t make me drowsy?” I told him no and then he realized what he had just said and started laughing. “I meant is there a sleep aid that won’t make me groggy after I wake up.” I’m glad he started laughing because I was about to burst! – eb1987

Glass squeeze bottle?

Just had a patient call, and then come in, upset that we had given her a bad Fluticasone Nasal Spray bottle. Try as she might, she could not get any medication out of it. She had taken off the green safety device and the plastic cover and still could not get it to spray. I took it out of the package and immediately sprayed 2 sprays. She looked at me perplexed and said “Pump it? I thought you were supposed to squeeze it!!” – PharmDSue

How Did That Get There?

Why do people come into the pharmacy for a flu shot and wear long sleeve shirts? I was giving a flu shot today and holding the man’s sleeve up, while sterilizing the area, I’m really struggling with his sleeve, I remove the syringe cap and give the injection. I dispose of the syringe and while I reach for the bandaid I drop the cap behind the man’s back. I apply the bandaid and try to retrieve the cap… it is sticking in his butt crack!! I wait a split second and as I reach for the cap he stands up. I was too embarrassed to tell him so I let him go. I can imagine when he finds it he is going to say, How the hell did that get there? -pharmhand

Chapped Lips

A Hispanic woman came to the window with her daughter.  The daughter said my mom needs something for her chapped lips.  I asked the pharmacist and she recommended something like Vaseline lip therapy or a chap stick with moisturizer.  The little girl said something to her mother in Spanish and then looked back at me and said, “not those lips.” – Sarah