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Insane Request . . . Denied!

Yesterday, I received a call from a lady at an insurance company. She asked for my fax number so that she could send me a list of patients that her company felt needed a 90 day supply on their medications. I said, “Why don’t you send it to the doctors?” So she told me, no, she wanted to send it to me so that we could take care of it. I told her SURE, she could send it! Then I told my tech to trash it whenever it came in. Seriously?? – CindiRPh

Ear Infection

A mom brought in a prescription for Amoxicillin for her small child. The label was printed with “One teaspoonful three times daily for ear infection. Several hours later she called back and said she didn’t understand how to get the entire teaspoonful in his ear. Lesson in using ‘by mouth’ in all oral meds. – Maryl

M&M’s Melt In Your . . . Where?

Years ago I had a young woman, maybe early 20’s call me aside. Quietly she said she had a problem and wanted my advice. She went on to say that her and her boyfriend were ‘messing around’ and she had M&M’s ‘in’ her. I thought for a minute and told her I thought she was fine that the M&M’s would melt. She giggled a minute and left. –  Maryl

Candy What?

I had an elderly woman come up to my counseling area to speak to me. I asked her how I could help her and she said, “I need something for my Candy A**.” I said excuse me and she said she went to her doctor and he said she had Candy A**.  The doctor told her to go the pharmacy and tell the pharmacist that you have Candy A** and the pharmacist will take care of it.  I told her I didn’t understand and this elderly woman started shouting “I’ve got CANDY A**, CANDY A**.” This made the entire pharmacy start to laugh and God bless my tech that came over and whispered in my ear, “she means candidiasis!” – pharmhand

Full House

You gotta love when a patient walks up to the drop off window and hands you a prescription with a stack of insurance/discount cards! I want to say, “Do you want a prescription filled or do you want to play poker?” – pharmtech101

My Sweet Grandma

My grandma walked up to the drop off window. You could tell she was kinda in a bad mood as she had just left the doctor’s office. I walked over and my partner was also standing at the window. I said, “Hey grandma. How are you doing?” She looked right at my partner, who is male, and said, “I don’t drink. I don’t have sex. All I want to do is have a puff once in a while and now they won’t even let me do that!” – Redfacedpharm

Jelly Toast

This happend many years ago while I was in the Army. We had meetings at the hospital I worked in for the newly pregnant military spouses. I overheard 2 ladies talking about the contraceptive jellies. One says to the other “its no wonder i got pregnant i’ve been spreading it on toast and eating it”. Try keeping a straight face during that conversation. -armitagesfa

Interaction Question

I had a patient have a prescription filled for Amoxicillin, she was asked by the clerk if she wanted to talk to the pharmacist about her medication and was sent to the counseling area. She asked me if Amoxicillin would interact with the Heroin she’s taking. Like all pharmacist, you get in this professional mode at work. but this shocked me out of my professionalism and I said.. If I say there is an interaction are you going to stop the Amoxicillin or the Heroin? – PharmHand

More than enough

An older couple came to the counter to pick up the Viagra Rx that I had just filled. (This is a true story that happened 10 or so years ago.). The price on the Rx was $100…not covered by insurance. When I told the man the price, his eyes grew wide and he said, “How many pills is that!!?” It was for only 10 tablets. The lady just smiled broadly and said, “That will be fine, dear. It will be more than enough to last you at least a year, we can afford that.” – RxGirl

Just Throw It Away!

This woman came in to pick up her prescription for Megace. When I asked her if she had any questions for the Pharmacist she said, “No not really.” So I rang her up and she went on her way. A few minutes she returns with the monograph in hand saying “You, You pharmacy girl!” I walked over and asked her what was wrong? She said “what is this you gave me?” I said, “It’s megace.” Thinking maybe the prescription was a mistake I check the original and it was correct. So I go over and tell her this is what your doctor prescribed. “Read this she yells.” I said, “I know what it says but I don’t understand what is wrong.” She throws herself across the counter and said. “It says this will stimulate my appetite!” The pharmacist had come over. She then yells… “Eat, they want me to eat? I can’t eat!” Throws the monograph and walks out! – PharmGurl414