Cadillac Escalade

So as I’m walking out of the pharmacy to go to lunch I get behind a customer who I happen to know is on medicaid. I hop into my standard package Hyundai and they hop into their fully loaded Cadillac Escalade. Go Figure? – Sarah

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  1. don blank says:

    Been listening to the tea party goofs, again?

    • P says:

      I have a customer who parks her white Escalade in the fire lane in front of the store with the emergency flashers on while she brings in her 5 kids to have rx’s filled.While they are waiting they eat junk food and leave a mess in the waiting area.She and all her kids are on Medicaid and pay for the junk food with a EBT card,and no I’m not a tea party goof,this is the reality of our once great state of CA…

  2. Msdude72 says:

    Nothing like the time I was helping a woman in a LEXUS who looked down her nose at me and condescendingly told me, no she wasn’t supposed to be paying anything for her prescriptions, it was on Medicaid. But priorities…

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